Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year in Review: How to feel Successful

If you want to feel successful, write a list.  Write a list of all the things you have done.   I took a page from my friends book who wrote a list of all the books she had read this year.  Day to day I feel like I don't get anything done, but looking back at 2013, I've done/made a lot!  I've never done a "look back at the past year" but it might be a new thing for me, as it feels really good to see all my creations in one place!

I've categorized my makings in different sections, take a look!

a dress for me

a kids dress for a contest that I won!  
(thanks to everyone who voted!)

a custom fairy dress being used for a bridesmaid dress

a baby clothes outfit

this cape made from a snuggie
here is the tutorial on that.

3 pairs of owl wings (made in 1 day)
for halloween costumes

a fancy dress made for my sister

Custom Work:

bunting made for a candy shop

doll clothes for a 12" doll

a summer hat

wee mouse tin house

special envelope that housed a narwhal going to Australia


I helped my sister design and make bouquets
 for 2 weddings in the summer
 Here is her website.

Food and Drink:

coffee, coffee, always coffee.  I got a proper espresso machine as a gift 
and its been AMAZING!  

chocolate valentines cookies

cupcakes for a 1st birthday party

work trade for a friends birthday

homemade vanilla coffee syrup for my sisters birthday

they taste sooo good!

I grew some veggies too 


Christmas ornaments for an ornament exchange

2 activity bags for a long plane ride for 2 little girls I know

pom pom hat

a mouse for a friend in Romania

wallet for my mother-in-law

kitty face pillow

sock monkey

monkey softie friend

fairy skirt

house warming gnome for a fern
birthday confetti

I went to India this year too:

I packed this hand bound book

did a little sewing

and looking

fed an elephant

sewed a lace jacket for my friends wedding

planned life for my family while I was away

went fabric shopping

embroidered my motto for parenthood

a case to house watercolors and a notebook

felted elf slippers

tree topper antlers

felt Christmas wreath

pom pom flower arrangement

crochet dish cloths

burlap pillow

play tent

needle book kits

joined roller derby

made a batch of terrarium mushrooms: tutorial

bag for kids using my friends tutorial

printed some baby blankets using my tutorial

burlap hanging basket

did a balloon twisting workshop

got better at roller derby

painted a mug

made some necklaces for a market

I made an epic soft book for my daughter when I was off in India here are the highlights, more detailed posts in my August blog archives:

With each page taking anywhere from 2-5 hours per side this was by far the biggest project all year.


lots of mice!
some for sale in my etsy shop

this handsome valentines mouse

small spring bunny

some narwhals

a waldorf doll

felt beluga

Last but not least my blooming upholstery business:

outdoor swing cushions

kids foam chair

my favorite chair all year

another kids foam chair

Well there you go!  Phew!  Have a happy new year!

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