Saturday, December 21, 2013

Custom Sewing: Doll Clothes

Last week I was commissioned to make some doll clothes for a Christmas present.  I took it on because I hadn't made or worked with doll clothes in a while so it was time to brush up on my design skills.  I like making people size clothes but doll clothes are SO much more fun to make.  First of all, my imagination is allowed to be a little more "out there" especially with fabric choices. Second, they take less time to sew!  It's more of an instant gratification type sewing. These all fit an adorable 12" Jelly Cat brand doll.

first up: these 2 skirts and petticoat

A tunic and a jumper

a red cape with ric rac

perfect combo! 


lastly, a pink jumper and a long cape

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