Friday, August 16, 2013

I'll tuck you in to bed Tonight

Side A:

An envelope with lots of hearts.  Some needle felted, some hand sewn from wool felt.

Side B:

Goodnight little rabbit. 

I used some more Creative Thursday Fabric for this project.  I love the bunnies on the fabric, so decided to replicate it in mini softie form.

This little rabbit is sleepy,

Put her in her bed,

And tuck her in!

And I'll be home to tuck you into bed tonight my dear.

This is the last page in the page-a-day soft book series, I hope you enjoyed it.  Now there is a very full book of pages to occupy my little one.  I hope to make more eventually for birthday's or Christmas.  This was such a time consuming project but very therapeutic for me.  Every I would sit down to work on this book I would prepare my mind for being gone from my daughter for so long.  It eased my mind to know that my daughter and husband would have something to look forward to doing together each day of my absence.  I hope it worked!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bunies and Balloons

Ta-Da! See! Today's side A matches yesterday's side B

It's fabric by Sarah Jane Studios,  I somehow have a very blurry picture of it...Here is what it actually looks like in print form.

Side B:

Count to 5 on wooden beads.

This page isn't the funnest page so far, but the activity is great:  Go to the park and count bunnies.  Also, dress up as a fairy and take adorable pictures in the big tree. (I hope they do this one! I would love to see pictures of that!)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A balloon for me, a balloon for me!

I tried to fill each page with something that M loves or can say. So today is no different. She loves birds and balloons, especially balloons. Today's activity that comes with this page is a lesson in sharing:  Buy two balloons (the foil kind because they last longer). Keep 1 balloon and give 1 away!

Side A:

Birds on a blue sky day.  These birds have monochromatic wings that spread out for flight.  Just like real birds.

Side B:  Balloons attached to string!  Hold on! Don't let them take you too far away!

These balloons match tomorrow's side A, so together they look quite good.  It's perfect, because they will be living side by side in the finished book.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Find A Mermaid at the Aquarium

Visit the Vancouver Aquarium today. Look in EVERY tank--did you find a mermaid?

Side A: This page is my favorite.  The mermaid did take about 5 hours, but it was totally worth it.  Each mermaid tale scale is a hand sewn vintage sequin.

Side B:

Little purple octopus.  I was once told by my, at the time 10 year old nephew, that purple octopuses don't exist.  That's probably true, but they do exist in this soft book.

the octopus tentacles detach at the buttons for more squiggly fun. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach Day

Activity of the day is to travel to a beach at either an ocean or a lake.  Look for fish and other things that live along the shore.

Side A:

These shore animals velcro off and you can move them around.

Side B:

This is one of my favorite pages.  The waves remind me of theater waves that move back and forth making it look like real waves.

Each of these waves is a long pocket for the baby gray narwhal to swim around in from wave to wave.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Garden and I Spy

In the epic softbook page a day adventure comes another twofer day.  Two pages, because one of them is kind of boring.

Page 1 side A:

I got this fabric a year ago and wanted to use it for this book.  There was so much to look at on this fabric, instead of adding something to it I thought it would be a great I Spy game.

Using fabric paint and rubber stamp letters I made a list of things to find.

Page 1 side B:

Owls on a leafless tree.  I thought getting cutie little felt cutouts from Michaels would make this book go faster so I wouldn't have to do so much and sewing, but I am disappointed with how they turned out.  A bit to tacky in comparison with the rest of the pages.

but here they are!

They are velcro attached and can be moved around on the tree.

Page 2 side A:

Something has been munching through this leaf!

open it up...

I side is this fuzzy little caterpillar!

Page 2 side B:

In the garden.  This is the only page from the whole book that I found on the internet and copied.  I simplified it a bit and instead of 3 of each veggie I did one big one.  The rest of the pages are from my own head,

dig up all the veggies in the garden!
yum, yum,yum.

Today's activity is to go pick veggies from the garden, or go pick them from a friends garden! :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apples and Mushrooms

Today's activities that correspond with the page-a-day soft book are picking apples or mushrooms today (yes where I live you can actually go mushroom picking!) On today's page, the mushrooms are  over two pages, so I had to make 2 backs for the other sides.  I made some cute apples that can be picked of the tree and halved.

If apples aren't in season, go to the produce store and buy one of each type of apple in the store and try them all at once.

I hand sewed these apples with seeds

Here is the 2 page mushroom spread

pick mushrooms from the moss,

harvest them into the basket

Here is the back side of the mushroom moss.

inside the house is a little bear!

I designed each of these pages and each of the little parts-except for the teddy bear which is from the wee mouse tin house pattern by Larisa Holland
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