Sunday, August 11, 2013

Garden and I Spy

In the epic softbook page a day adventure comes another twofer day.  Two pages, because one of them is kind of boring.

Page 1 side A:

I got this fabric a year ago and wanted to use it for this book.  There was so much to look at on this fabric, instead of adding something to it I thought it would be a great I Spy game.

Using fabric paint and rubber stamp letters I made a list of things to find.

Page 1 side B:

Owls on a leafless tree.  I thought getting cutie little felt cutouts from Michaels would make this book go faster so I wouldn't have to do so much and sewing, but I am disappointed with how they turned out.  A bit to tacky in comparison with the rest of the pages.

but here they are!

They are velcro attached and can be moved around on the tree.

Page 2 side A:

Something has been munching through this leaf!

open it up...

I side is this fuzzy little caterpillar!

Page 2 side B:

In the garden.  This is the only page from the whole book that I found on the internet and copied.  I simplified it a bit and instead of 3 of each veggie I did one big one.  The rest of the pages are from my own head,

dig up all the veggies in the garden!
yum, yum,yum.

Today's activity is to go pick veggies from the garden, or go pick them from a friends garden! :)

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