Thursday, October 25, 2012


I wanted to make something small, cute, to keep, not to sell.  In the back of my mind most of the time when I am sewing I think "how much could I sell this for?" or "this would sell great at a market."  With craft fair season upon me, and starting wee-knits with my friend(and now business partner;)), creating can sometimes become a chore.  So I thought I would try something totally new/out of my comfort zone just for FUN! 

Mabel Mouse is the result!

She is a scaled down 8" tall version of a mouse I made in January. Her body is made out of felt, and whip stitched together using no sewing machine!  I need portable projects to be able to move around the house chasing after an ever growing crawling baby.  So I'll be making more after tweaking the design a little.  I'm already dreaming of more colors and dress designs. 

Mabel is one of my favorite patterns I have made so far.  It feels like I'm getting better at making softies!?  Maybe it has been all the practice making dolls from other great designers, like my fav mmmcrafts! Her designs and colors are pure eye candy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simple Childrens Room Art

This project is slightly old news, but I thought I would share none the less.  I made some simple art in frames for my nieces birthday in August.  I got some frames and a Bambi book from a thrift store for under $2.  I had some off white spray paint in my supplies, and transformed some outdated frames into a nice fresh white, using the glass as my template for size I cut out two cute pictures from my nieces favorite book (at least for now).  Normally I feel really bad about cutting up books, but this had some crayon artwork, and its my second copy of this book.  I have bought so many books to make children's art, but chickened out when it came to cutting the book up, maybe this is the start of more!

before the paint


I have a busy october/november ahead filled with a market or two, new prototypes, setting up a studio in a new house, starting a knitting business, and of course more birthday and christmas presents.  So stay tuned!  The blog should be busy in the next few months too!
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