Friday, April 19, 2013

How to be The Best You

Warning: this is not a pity post!  I'm just thinking out loud...or at least in words.

I read a lot of other crafting and design blogs.  It helps me say in the loop of what is in style and it inspires me to read about other emerging artists and designers. I learn about what drives them, what inspires them and what their creative process is.

Sometimes however, it becomes an overload of information, and I start to feel small and insignificant.  I start to feel like what I do isn't important or I'm not as good as (insert name here).  And then I start to evaluate why I do what I do.  In this case, running a small sewing and crafting business.

I'm not talking only about crafting and sewing, I'm sure people have told themselves 'I'm not as good of an artist as (somebody I know)', 'I can't take pictures as well as (so-and-so)', '(speedy Gonzales) can run soooo much faster than I can', '(my sister) is such a better writer than I am', '(blank) can play guitar like Taylor Swift and I can't'. We can be our worst critics, maybe that's what makes us try harder to be better, to do better.  Maybe we are born with that desire to always beat our personal best.  If we weren't born with that we would have no desire to learn more, to graduate high school, to go to university, to start a career or change careers. 

In my experience, to stop comparing myself with (better person than me) is the first step.  That's not to say comparison is all bad, in some cases that may drive us more.  We are all different, and we do life differently.  My creative process and outlet is different for me than for someone else, and it looks different too.  I don't feel like I'm as good as some of the other craft and sewing blogs that I read.  I have to stop and just enjoy what I do, who I am, and best of all, where I used to be.  If I compare myself to the first day I started sewing (15 years ago) I am AWESOME now!

So be the best you can be for YOU, beat YOUR personal best, and have fun getting better at what you do!

"(so-and-so) always has a cleaner house than I do."

"I am the best accordion player I know."

(no, seriously I am.......I am the only one I know)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Terrarium

I shared yesterday on how to make small mushrooms to go in your terrarium, here is a tutorial so you can make your own terrarium too!  I found my two jars at MCC, I paid under $2 for both of them!  I had all the other supplies at home, including the moss from my lawn.  It was a super cheap super fun project.  The jars that work the best for these are candle jars, they are nice and lightweight but have a nice fitting lid.  I took the rubber seal off because I didn't like how that looked. Enjoy!



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY Terrarium Mushrooms

Terrarium popularity has come and gone since it was first discovered by accident in 1827.  I got a book on terrariums from a thrift store a while back(printed in the 70's) and it gave a brief history that I found so interesting.  After their discovery terrariums were used by horticulturalists to bring back sensitive tropical plants by boat.  Normally the salty sea air and the climate changes would prevent plants from making the long voyage so this accidental invention was not only keeping plants alive for research but also for pleasure.  As I'm sure you have noticed terrariums are everywhere right now.  It probably has something to do with the movement of DIY growing and gardening.  Or maybe just the appreciation of having living things in your home, whatever the reason may be I like it!

I made some miniscule mushrooms as ornaments to fit in a small terrarium and I will show you how to make them too!

I started by picking a color scheme and finding some fimo/sculpy in the colors I wanted.

Knead the modeling clay for 2 minutes till nice an squishy, shape a small piece in to a 3D triangle shape.  Using a toothpick or a special sculpy tool, make a crater in the bottom of the cap.  That is there you will push the stalk.  

 Roll some white fimo between your fingers to make it long, shape the end of it to get a tear drop shape.  Using wire cutters, cut some thin non-coated wire about 2" long.  Push the wire up the middle of the stalk till it comes out the other side.  Continue pushing until it reaches the cap, go into the cap about 1/8"

Experiment with different shaped mushroom caps.  To add the dots, roll tiny bits of clay between your fingers and push firmly onto the cap.  Wait till the cap has hardened a bit before you add the dots to avoid squishing the caps into odd shapes. Bake clay according to the package, I baked mine for 225 degrees for 15 minutes.  After the mushrooms have cooled cut wire down to desired length.

Oops!  I made WAY too many!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mark Your Calandars!

This Saturday I am teaching another upholstery workshop!  It's at Spruce Collective downtown Abbotsford from 1-3:30 April 13th.  I will go over some basics including how to pick an appropriate chair to upholster, fabric selection, tools used in upholstery, some of my personal upholstery experiences as well as how to make piping!  The class is $50 per person for a hands on workshop.  Follow this link for more details.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

3 of the Best things you could Subscribe to

I was getting carried away while pinning and somehow ended up looking for different subscriptions that come your door.  As I've mentioned before, I LOVE getting things in the mail, and these subscriptions would make anyone happy!

Here are a few that I found.

Fair Ivy;  For this subscription you will receive 2-4 handmade items carefully hand wrapped and sent your home for $52 a month including shipping this is a fun treat!

artisan magnets 

Olive Box; Paper and lyfestyle products, that sums it up!  Who doesn't love stationary? And getting a new surprise every month, what could be better? This subscription is $25 plus shipping.

I would need more people to write letteres to if I subscribed to this! 

Dropcloth samplers is a personal favorite which I have not tried yet, but it looks SO inspring.  This is a nice hands on subscription and in a great price too. 

While having fun on the internet I got a few good subscription ideas of my own!  I might just put together the subscription of my dreams for you to receive!  Thank goodness for secret pin boards on pinterest....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Emerald is the Color

When I got a call from my sister a few weeks ago saying that she had found an antique chair for me to re-upholster I was so excited!  Not only is my fascination/obsession with re-upholstery becoming recognized by my friends and family, but now they are looking for furniture for me when they are out!  Instead of just depending on where I shop to find treasures, more people are looking for things in their stomping grounds!  This has come at a great time too, my drive to get a 1 year old in an out of a car while carrying her on one hip and carrying one or two chairs in the other has drastically decreased in the past few months. 

here is the before, inspiring right?

down to the bare bones and springs

my inspiration started with a bit of paint!
CC paints from Spruce Collective, no sanding, no priming, 
all you have to do is slap it on clean wood and coat in wax.

I block printed a cushion to add some more color. 

small details; piping and tacks add some nice texture
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