Monday, April 1, 2013

Emerald is the Color

When I got a call from my sister a few weeks ago saying that she had found an antique chair for me to re-upholster I was so excited!  Not only is my fascination/obsession with re-upholstery becoming recognized by my friends and family, but now they are looking for furniture for me when they are out!  Instead of just depending on where I shop to find treasures, more people are looking for things in their stomping grounds!  This has come at a great time too, my drive to get a 1 year old in an out of a car while carrying her on one hip and carrying one or two chairs in the other has drastically decreased in the past few months. 

here is the before, inspiring right?

down to the bare bones and springs

my inspiration started with a bit of paint!
CC paints from Spruce Collective, no sanding, no priming, 
all you have to do is slap it on clean wood and coat in wax.

I block printed a cushion to add some more color. 

small details; piping and tacks add some nice texture

1 comment:

  1. That chair looks amazing! I love the colours you chose.


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