Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simple Childrens Room Art

This project is slightly old news, but I thought I would share none the less.  I made some simple art in frames for my nieces birthday in August.  I got some frames and a Bambi book from a thrift store for under $2.  I had some off white spray paint in my supplies, and transformed some outdated frames into a nice fresh white, using the glass as my template for size I cut out two cute pictures from my nieces favorite book (at least for now).  Normally I feel really bad about cutting up books, but this had some crayon artwork, and its my second copy of this book.  I have bought so many books to make children's art, but chickened out when it came to cutting the book up, maybe this is the start of more!

before the paint


I have a busy october/november ahead filled with a market or two, new prototypes, setting up a studio in a new house, starting a knitting business, and of course more birthday and christmas presents.  So stay tuned!  The blog should be busy in the next few months too!

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  1. The girls loved these picture rachel. Actually, Marin always says goodnight to bambi every evening as i'm putting on her pajamas :) They are well loved.

    lisa w


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