Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A-page-a-day Soft Book

I remember when I was a young girl my parents went away for a week and left us in our grandparents care.  I don't really remember missing my parents very much, the main thing I remember from their week long absence was something my Mum had planned for us.  At the time we lived in a log house, nailed to the walls of their room were strands of string, attached to the string with clothespins were 7 brown paper bags. For each day they were gone, of me and my sisters got to open a bag full of goodies!  I don't even remember what was in each bag but the novelty of opening a special present every day the were gone was the most fun thing ever! I have a very fun Mum, and I love that idea.  So I took my own spin on it for Millie while I'm away! I want to be a fun Mum too!

Day one is a written description of how to add pages to the fabric folder.  

Each page will be attached with loops and binder clips

I love this fabric by creativethursday!  

of course I had to personalize it!  Fabric paint and letter stamps, and 
a hand embroidered heart.

The front cover is a nautical map of the world, fabric by Sarah Jane Studios

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