Saturday, August 3, 2013

Packing Today

Today I am tying up loose ends before my trip on Monday. My sister baby-sat while I went did a ton of errands this morning.  I got travel insurance, did some last minute shopping (for bubble wrap and pencil crayons), and a couple other things. 

This is REALLY happening! 

As I write I am loading up my computer/phone with some great audio books, and music.  My total travel time is 29 hours if everything goes smooth.  I decided to bring watercolors paints as well and get AWESOME at painting while I have so much time on my hands. My first thought when I found out how long the journey was; What can I do with my hands while confined to an airplane seat?  I found the answer at House Of Fine Arts in Abbotsford.  Blank watercolor paper postcards and a compact paint set.  Perfect!!

I also made a couple of these notebooks (the one I made pictured above).  Anyhow... those are the most exciting things I've packed so far! I'm packing a bunch of clothes-nice ones, for all the wedding celebrations, and comfy ones for travel. 

Starting Monday on my blog I'm sharing my secret project each day for the next 9 days!   You won't want to miss it!  And I'll be adding travel pictures to my instagram, come along on my journey across the world.

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