Monday, December 31, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gift Giving

I love Christmas, and gift giving, and sewing. So this time of year is particularly fun for me.   Now that most of the gifts I have made for people have been distributed, I can share on my blog!  I made all of these items (except for the thrifted green gloves), there is much variety in this post to match all of the people I made these gifts for!  Enjoy!  And maybe it will inspire you for next Christmas.

I made this little babushka ornament for my sister
who is newly married and is in the process 
of collecting ornaments for a tree of her own. 
This is made by hand stitching felt and ribbon.

Mmmmmm! Homemade shortbread using my 
grannies recipe, its good for any time of the year, 
but wrapping it in wax paper and bakers twine adds
some Christmas charm!

Even a simple pair of mittens look cute
wrapped up with bakers twine and a 
candy cane.

An adorable fox using this tutorial,
she is the only one I completed this year.  
Time always gets the better of me.

An ornament for a babies first Christmas,
this pattern came from a borrowed book
 from the library called
Fa la la la felt.  Its awesome

These two special mice for two special nieces;
This is a pattern of my own which I would love
 to have in my shop by next Christmas.
(new years goal maybe?)

These are both hand stitched using synthetic felt,
not my favorite to work with, but all my REAL 
wool felt is in bright colours.

Here they are snug in their beds, with a leafy blanket.

I didn't make an annual Ikea Christmas trip to get paper, 
but found this bright wrapping paper at Michael's...who knew?

Lovely little egg cup family for assisting in the 
consumption of Egg and Soldiers.

Still trying to figure out how to permanently paint 
on china/ceramics.  Any tips?

Mouse needle book made from felt ribbon and 
embroidery thread traveled to my friend in Australia.
This mouse is more appropriately dressed than the 
bear I sent last year.

Happy New Year!  I have many new projects and ideas in store for 2013.

See you then!


  1. You are amazing! I have see on pinterest that you can sharpie on ceramic and then bake it to make it permanent. I don't know if it works, but you should check it out!
    Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks for the idea Erica, I would like to do more painting on ceramics eventually. Do you need us to bring some hot soup over tonight to help you get better?


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