Tuesday, December 11, 2012

time to get cracking!

It was two years ago that I made these Christmas crackers, so it's about time I share!  I made a personalized needle felted gnome for each person in my family and thought putting them in a Christmas cracker would be the most fun way to give them.

gnomes made from wool roving
and beards made from mohair locks

I used card stock and cut out diamonds to be able to 
cinch the ends shut

I found the cracking strips and the crowns at Michaels.  
you can really stuff these full of all sorts of 
goodies if you want! (and lame jokes:)) 

If you are interested in making these for yourself and want some more inspiration,  the Martha Steward December 2012 has a section on making your own crackers. I'm sure you could find it on her website too. But if your anything like me, I'm already behind on my Christmas making, so another project might be to much!

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