Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thats a Wrap!

Thank-you to all that came by to visit my booth at Scout Vintage Market! It was a pleasure meeting so many new people who share the passion of finding treasures and creating beautiful things!

I've finally gotten things back to normal after the market two Saturdays ago! It only took a week and a bit. And by back to normal I don't mean I've caught up on cleaning my own house yet. I mean I have cleaned and organized my studio, (I'm renaming my "craft room" because really, it IS a studio!) I've created a list of things I need to sew, post on etsy, or make for gifts, and now its just a matter of doing all of those things!

Some new things that joined my list are having a go at sewing with vintage patterns. I picked these up last week while thrifting!

But first I have to make up some Button Cards! (the giveaway on that post its finished, maybe I'll have to do another soon.)

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  1. Hi Rachel !
    I met you at Scout near the end of the day. You ever-so-wonderfully gave me your vintage books for almost nothing because you said, it was the end of the day and didn't want to take them home. I talked with you about your graphics on your business card (which I loved) and your buttons card graphic (which I ended up buying). I am so happy to have found you ! I am, myself, with my store, "Cottage Kisses" going to be at The Olde Farmhouse Market in November. Will you be there?


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