Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mystery of Mail

We as a generation have seen so much change, though not quite as much as our grandparents, who witnessed items like the telephone and the computer become a standard item in everyone's home. Even with  modern technology today, the postal system (The official service or system that delivers letters and parcels) is still a pretty simple but very ancient concept that we need.  If you don't give it much thought its not very profound, but think about it a bit deeper and it really is quite special.  I for one LOVE getting mail (I like to send it almost as much, but it takes more effort).

So you order something off of etsy lets say.  The person on the other end has to most of the time hand write your address on the envelope, either go to the post office to get a stamp or get it weighed to pay the correct postage, and then put it in the mail box themselves or the post office clerk will do it.  It is a process that has a lot of personal touch.  Its hard to think of it that way when buying something off the internet can be an impersonal thing when all you have to do is give your creditcard info and click "purchase".  The amount of hands that your package goes through must be numerous.  I had to see what the show How its Made had to say about the Canadian postal system, it looks like some pretty cool machines do the sorting, but your letter or package is still handled and delivered by foot or vehicle...pretty fascinating.

I recently got some beautiful felt in the mail!

Isn't it beautiful?
I can hardly wait to craft with it

I ordered these in the mail and am SO happy
with them.  The packaging was very cute, 
wrapped enough to give away without more gift wrap needed!

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