Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Made A Cake

I had a marvelous time making this wedding cake. It's the white cake recipe I tried earlier this month, with a butter-cream lemon filling.

The vanilla cupcakes are the same recipe, with butter-cream icing and sprinkles. And the chocolate are Betty Crocker with Duncan Hines frosting!

my friend made all the beautiful stands,
and the chalkboard frame!


  1. Makes me hungry for that delicious cake all over again!

  2. Oh rachel, it all looks amazing! Love the black ribbon detail on the white cake, and the cupcakes look picture perfect! Good show! Love the stands too. How did she make them?

  3. Hey, Rachel! Got your sweet note on your Paypal receipt! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Little Red pattern. And thank you for buying the TravelWees pattern. Already getting folks asking for premade ones, so you may hear from some folks who view the mmmakers list.


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