Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Softie kind of day

When the idea of making soft toys/stuffies/softies/plush toys first caught my imagination, I knew exactly what I wanted to design first.  I enjoy watching Japanese animation and loved the character JiJi.  I love her exaggerated features and personalty.  This is the first softie I designed and sewed about 4 years ago.  Up till now I haven't designed toys seriously but enjoy dabbling in it here and there.  This year however I do plan on it being my main focus (hopefully).  Toys are really fun and satisfying to sew and they can be enjoyed by all ages, that might be the reason I like it most.  Everyone had that favorite comfort toy growing up and can relate to the importance of having a special soft something to embrace when things get tough!

If your thinking of getting into doing toy designing it's fun to look around for inspiration.  Here are a couple crafty blogs that focus, or have focused on handmade toys, enjoy!

placed in the order in which I discovered each designer:

loobylu (specifically her bunnies)

wee wonderfuls

abby glassenberg design


Want to make a soft toy and don't know where to begin? Here is a simple design you can make to give to others.  Check out the giving bunny project and maybe you will get addicted to sewing toys too!

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