Monday, August 13, 2012

Vests vests, and more vests.

This summer I've successfully designed and sewed vests for the first time.  Six to be precise.  The first two were for some rather cute boys I know.  They pulled off the vests very well.

Recognized the fabric?  I love how these turned out,  I didn't get a picture of the other vest.  The owner of it was too busy running around to catch a picture.

Here are the other 4.  The blue one was for my Dad, and the three grey ones for my bothers.  I didn't get permission to use their faces in the picture, so chest shots will have to do!  I made matching ties too.  Ties are nice and simple to make, and alot cheaper than buying them!

Vests just brighten up an outfit and make it go from plain to dashing!  Now I know what to make my dad for Christmas and his birthday!  Maybe you should make one for your dad for Christmas too!  Do you find it easy thinking of sewing projects for the men in your life?

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