Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Party with Martha Stewart

I enjoy reading Martha Stewart magazines.  Mostly because they have lots of beautiful pictures in them.  Pictures of pretty decorations, flower arrangements, DIY crafts, and parties that look like fun to be invited to.  If you have ever tried to re-create a Martha project you may realize how difficult it is to make your item look like the one in the picture.

My friend Rachel (not me in third person, she really is a friend named Rachel) seems to pull off Martha projects effortlessly. Rachel planned and beautifully executed a bridal shower for my sister that Martha would have been proud of. 

I played a small part in this by making some paper garlands some book stacks and ribbon bunting, but the prize goes to Rachel for the overall feel and look of the party.

Feast your eyes!

dinner in the garden

perfectly placed in the shade of this 
manicured lawn and garden

taking advantage of the blooming
dahlias in season

easy peasy paper garland my sister and I made.
 An Anne of Green Gables book was
 put to good use....

ribbon bunting also made by me and my sister

thoughtful and dainty favors

book stacks with ribbon tied around them,
25 cents a book and 5 cent ribbon, 
classy and inexpensive decorations

we had to have a giant book it being a literary themed 
party and all.  Gifts of friends favorite books were given
to the bride to be.

as night fell we lit some tea cup 
candles that were hand made 

1 comment:

  1. You are too kind Rachel! Plus you have way more credit than you are giving yourself! I feel incredibly indebted to everyone who had a hand in this special evening, I couldn't have done it without such a selfless crew! Plus my Mom put months of work into her beautiful yard and garden, even if we sat on the ground and ordered in pizza it would have been a beautiful evening! :)


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