Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Dad Bag

To get my husband excited to carry around baby things, I decided it was a good idea to make him a dad diaper bag. We went fabric shopping together and he picked out his own fabric. I tried not to persuade him against certain fabric choices. After a failed attempt at keeping my mouth shut on some fabric we didn't get, I stayed out of it for his final decision.

red zipper to make things exciting on the outside

chilli pepper lining in the pockets and
inside the bag!
(he said if he didn't get this fabric he would regret it,
very cool choice I must say!)

we wanted to tie in the the exterior with the
interior, so had an in depth design conversation
about the red colour on the strap

and of course a fashionable change mat
to accompany the bag was necessary

the whole bag is lined with this intensely stiff
interfacing to keep the bag from sagging, that
was the BIGGEST pain to sew with!


  1. LOVE the chili pepper lining! Definitely caught my eye when I saw it at Fabricland ;) Glad Dave has a bag that he will be proud to tote about cloth diapers in, etc!

  2. that's awesome! i would carry one of these... :) -chris de

  3. ps. it kind of looks like a kilt (cool) - c.d.

  4. Way to go!! love it! M. was the same way... had to be a "manly" bag. Really like what you've come up with. :)


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