Monday, June 9, 2014

Birthday Sewing Extravaganza

I love sewing for spring and summer birthdays!  Everything is so colorful! I have included ages with each gift and who it was for.  You can use them for your own siblings or friends!  I either used tutorials online, or made up my own designs.

 A Birthday Flower Crown using this tutorial. 
This was for my sister - age 26 :)


I enlarged the felt flowers quite a lot to take up more space for an adult size 
head vs. a child's head.  And I added a few mini Moleskines to the card too!

A felt birthday card using this tutorial.  
For a friend in England

A polka-dot skirt using this tutorial.
I added a cute pocket in contrast fabric. 
For a neighbor friend, Age - 3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting, my own design using mostly vintage fabric.
A gift for my sister-in-law, Age - 30 something? (he he he)

Delux homemade waffle cone ice cream party.
For my husband, on his 29th birthday!

Last but not least, a dinosaur bow tie, my own design. 
For my nephew - age 4

Paired with finger paint bubble bath its perfect!

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