Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Cape

I found a brand new snuggie while thrift store shopping last week and thought "There's a lot of warm fabric here, I should make something from it."  I bet many more of these will be showing up at thrift stores in the next few years as the fad fades out.  So here is one idea to make out of a snuggie. A little red riding hood cape for the little ones you know.  One snuggie makes about 2 toddler size capes. You can either make your own cape pattern from an existing hoodie, or buy a cape pattern to complete this design.

For my cape I made my own pattern.  One of the most useful things I have learned in the fashion industry is, reference everything.  If you already like the shape of something, or don't know how something is made, reference something else.  That's basically what I did when making this pattern.  I used a hoodie that I knew already fit well and used it as a guide.

 Trace around the neckline and shoulders.  I wanted the cape to be longer than a dress so I added a bunch at the bottom.  Make a gentle curve to meet the bottom length and the top where the shoulders end.
 Measure the neck line and times it by 2.  Mine was 5 1/2", double this number and you will get the length the neckline on the hood should be.

 Trace the the hood.  Double check the neckline of the hood and the cape are the same length as they will be sewn together.

 Final hood piece.

 Cut one cape piece on the fold, and two individual pieces.

 Sew side seams right sides together.

 Sew the hood along the top and back, leaving the front and the neckline open. Right sides together.

 Line the hood neckline up with the cape neckline.

 Pin and sew right sides together.  Because the neckline of the hood and cape are different shapes it will require easing the fabric.  This is why it is especially important to pin before you sew.

Finish all outside edges.  I serged and hemmed mine for a more professional finished look.  The fleece doesn't fray so there is no need to serge, but I like how it looks.  Don't forget to add a closure,  I used velvet ribbon sewn on the center front right below the hood.

Take your little red riding hood to go look for friendly wolves in the forest.

Congrats you!  Now there is one less snuggie in the world and you have recycled!

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  1. So adorable Rach! Is this M's Halloween costume this year?
    Also, I burst out laughing at the photo of you using the Snuggie - love it!


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