Monday, March 25, 2013

With Hope and Much Love

I love making soft toys, I've only made them for happy occasions, like babies being born, or birthdays!  Or my favorite... "just  because I love you" soft toys.  This little boy monkey is going to go keep someone company in the hospital.  I have not met this special little someone yet because he lives far away, but I hope to meet him someday!

For now I send Elliot his way.

Meet Elliot the Monkey

He likes to play and have fun,

He swings through the forest collecting 
insects and plants

Sometimes he falls down, this time he hurt himself 
enough to visit the hospital

He had to wait a long time, until the doctors 
knew what was wrong with him

Here he is with a bandage on, he is 
getting better, slowly but surely 

At the hospital you have to wear funny clothes sometimes

Elliot is making the most of the visit by 
collecting other things in his bag, things
from the hospital...he likes bandaids!

Elliot is made from the combined patterns of Molly Monkey and Kaley Kitty  by Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts.

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