Friday, April 6, 2012

Sew while your Baby sleeps...

I keep hearing the rule, sleep while your baby sleeps, but there are so many things to DO in a day! Things that of course don't NEED to get done, but things that make me feel like my old self.

I was able to go to fabric land on day 5 of a new baby thanks to husband. I had to get some fleece to make some cute Easter gifts for some little people in my life. I found this pattern, and just had to make it! It reminds me of popples growing up. Do you remember those? But these chick reversible toys are cuter in my opinion.


  1. They're absolutely adorable! And you are one crazy lady to be taking on new projects with a brand new baby! ;) xo Jo & the Gang

  2. Very cute! They remind me of popples too!


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