Monday, January 23, 2012

Felt and Feathers

Felt is a fun and versatile medium; it comes in lots of great colours, when you cut it the edges don't fray, you can sew on it, embroider it, hot glue gun it, add buttons to it, add wire to it, basically whatever you can imagine with it is possible.

I started this felt feather project a very long time ago and haven't given it much thought until about a week ago. My sister is putting on an event centered around a Robin Hood theme. So I thought FEATHERS and FELT! Isn't that what his hat is made of? I got the half finished project out of the drawer it was living in and decided to take a stab at finishing it. With a couple of the ingredients listed above and some problem solving skills I managed to make a sturdy feather headband! I love it, I'm going to make some more in many different colours. Any requests?

Wear it up like Robin Hood

Or down to look like Peter Pan's Adventures!

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