Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paint it all Purple

I have the tendency to paint things purple. I was given the task some years ago to pick out paint for my Mum's outdoor furniture. I came back from the paint store with a beautiful purple for the chairs and green for the table. It did take me a while to paint the furniture but I got inspired to paint something else purple too.

When my Mum came home she was interested to see the front door painted purple too. Maybe she wasn't too surprised though, dealing with her crazy kids throughout the years. It stayed purple for a long time, until one day the door had to be replaced. Now its back to white.

And lately I painted something else purple too. It wasn't what I was planning from the beginning but one thing led to another I guess...

where it was originally found

sanding it down in the summer

the second coat is finally on
and a cushion is attached!

of course it doesn't match anything
in my house but its still amazing

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